Friday, June 8, 2007

Your Credit Score - How Much Is It Costing You?

Do you know your credit score? Do you know how it affects your life?

We all know that our FICO (credit) score is important anytime we make a purchase. It will determine the amount of interest we pay on homes, automobiles, credit cards or any major purchase. Just a 1% increase in your interest rate (from 6% to 7%) on a $100,000 mortgage will add up to about $65.00 per month...which equals $23,400 over the life of the loan.

But, did you know that this score will also affect many other aspects of your life? Insurance companies, landlords and employers are now starting to let the credit score determine their approval rating.


Your credit score can affect your auto insurance...your homeowners well as your life and health insurance. They won't call it a credit score, though. And it might be calculated just a bit differently! Their term is "Insurance Score"...but it means the same thing.

Insurance companies use credit information to underwrite new business. Apparently, they find a correlation between low credit scores and increased insurance claims. A lower score will cause a higher premium.

It's just not worth it to have anything detrimental on your credit report.


Yes, believe it! Many employers check credit scores before they hire anyone. They claim that they check your credit to verify information...but don't assume that they're not looking at how you handle your financial affairs.

This is yet another reason to frequently check your credit report and take care of any errors quickly!

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